Early Bird Special

Cassey’s Chorizo & Egg Plate

$8.79 $8.39

Chorizo and egg served with refried beans, potatoes, two homemade tortillas and choice of ham or smokettes.

Chilaquiles w/ Pork Chop Plate

$9.59 $6.79

Crispy corn chips scrambled with eggs served with egg, onions, jalapeño and tomatoes. Topped with American easy melt cheese, served with beans, one pork chop and two tortillas.

Eddie’s Mini Breakfast

$8.19 $7.19

Two buttermilk pancakes served with one egg and your choice of either ham or bacon.

Joseph’s Western Omelet

$9.59 $8.19

Omelet is sautéed with bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, mixed with ham, and finally topped with cheese, served with beans, potato and two tortillas.

Early Bird Tacos

$2.19 $1.49

Choose From: Bean & Rice, Bean & Potato. Weenie Only, Potato & Egg, Weenie & Egg, Bean & Egg, Chorizo & Bean, Weenie & Egg. No Substitutions.

Guela’s Special – 10 Tacos


Choose from: Potato & Egg, Chicken Faijta, Weenie & Egg, Bean & Egg, Bacon & Egg (mix), Chorizo & Egg, Papa Ranchera, Chorizo & Bean, Bean & Cheese, Bean & Papa, Bean & Rice. No Substitutions.

Huevos Rancheros Plate

$6.79 $3.99

Two eggs served with salsa ranchera on top, potato, beans, and two tortillas.

Huevos Rancheros w/ Pork Chop Plate

$9.59 $6.79

Two eggs served with salsa ranchera on top, papa ranchera, beans and a pork chop with two tortillas.

Light and Fit Omelet

$9.99 $9.59

Egg whites, mushrooms, spinach, tomato, and onions, topped with monterey jack cheese. Served with avocado slices, a half grapefruit, and slices of toast.

Bacon or Ham Omelet Plate